Tyler Helms, Videographer & Video Marketer // Greensboro, NC tylerhelmscreative.com
Tyler Helms Creative // NC Videographer
Photo credit: Megan Travis Photography

Photo credit: Megan Travis Photography

Tyler Helms Creative // NC Videographer


Thanks for stopping by! I'm Tyler. I was born and raised in North Carolina and I couldn't be prouder to call this great state my home. A couple things about me. I am a HUGE N.C. State athletics fan. I have screamed so hard that I have lost my voice both when celebrating a win and agonizing a loss. Anything N.C. State related, I 100% advocate! 

Another thing I love is beer. IPAs, Sours, Light Beer, whatever, I'm a huge beer lover. There is something about having a conversation over a beer or drinking a beer at a bar while watching a game that makes me feel at home. 

Since I can remember, I have always been interested in learning and trying new things. When I was ten years old, I picked up a video camera and since then I haven't put it down. From creating TV shows and documentaries for fun to making a career filming in different locations and editing professionally, I LOVE videography. It's my #1 passion and I'm so fortunate that technology allows me to pursue my passion every single day.

I graduated from North Carolina State University (GO PACK!) in 2013 with a Bachelor's Degree in Technology, Engineering, and Design Education. In this major, I was able to expand my knowledge and experience in a variety of subjects, including video production, audio production, graphic design, photography, and, most importantly, teaching. My major required me to student teach for a semester, and so I did my last semester in college at East Millbrook Middle School in Raleigh, NC. I loved every single second of it. It's not every day that you can go to your job and have a rewarding moment that sends chills down your spine and gives you goosebumps.

Though I found a passion for teaching, I decided to pursue my technical skills by joining the North Carolina Association of REALTORS as IT Director in August of 2013. In this position, I have been able to continue utilizing a multiple set of skills and subjects, such as video production, audio production, photography, coding, computer maintenance, and much more. 

In 2015, I co-started a wedding videography company with my now wife and my Dad called Point200. Our reason in starting the business was because we saw how much wedding videographers were charging for videos and the small amount of footage they were giving their couples. Our goal was, and still is, to give couples the most value for their wedding video as possible. Since we started, we have shot over 30 weddings, and continue to increase the number of weddings year to year. 

Building on my love of learning and utilizing my skills in a variety of subject areas, I started two businesses in 2017, a real estate videography company called Aeroimpressions, as well as a social media consulting business. Given the fact that I work in the real estate industry, I figured that I could use my videography skills to help those in my network. So, I provided drone and interior videography as a service.

As I began running Point200 and Aeroimpressions, I found a LOVE and passion using social media for business. There was an instance where I spent 20 minutes on Instagram, had a conversation with a bride and then booked her wedding within two days. I felt so passionate talking about social media for business that I wanted to share it with others. I was given the opportunity to speak to a local REALTOR association about all of the social media platforms. I was 4 slides into the presentation when someone asked me what a hashtag was. I soon realized that NOBODY KNEW WHAT A HASHTAG WAS! I saw this as an opportunity to help REALTORS and small businesses understand how impactful social media can be for their business so that they can have moments like I had when I booked a client through Instagram.

In closing, I created this portfolio, not just to showcase my work, but to document and look back on everything that I've done. Sometimes I forget all of the cool things I have been able to be a part of, so I figured I would start by putting all of my work in one spot. 

If you want to learn more about me, my work or my services, I highly encourage for you to send me an email, give me a call, or grab a beer with me (my recommendation!). Thanks for stopping by my site!