This is by far one of the coolest projects that I have had the opportunity to work on. NC REALTORS® came up with the idea to create a video series leading up to their annual XCHANGE'18 Conference in September to highlight the current topics, challenges, and successes in the real estate industry. This is the first of the videos series called "Resilient." I'm proud to have filmed and edited this video with the help of NC REALTORS® staff.

A special shout-out to Bj Barham for giving us permission to use songs off of his album "Rockingham" to really set the mood for this video and bring the whole concept of resilient communities together. Please check out all of his amazing work and music at

Also, thanks so much to the amazing cities and towns I was fortunate to visit, some for the first time and some from a completely different perspective: City of ReidsvilleCity of EdenSXPHWTown of RutherfordtonTown of Forest City.

For more about the XCHANGE'18 conference, visit

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