Videos created for speakers and educators, including full keynotes, speaker reel videos, vlogging, social media video creation, and educational/instructional videos. This content can be used to gain followers and attract event planners to use your services.



Filming entire keynote presentations are becoming popular, especially for companies that hold events and offer future viewings. It is also a great way addition to give to your subscribers, whether they are paid subscribers or those on your email list. One of the best things about filming a keynote is that you can break up the best parts of it into individual videos to promote on social media. This is very popular with speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tom Ferry, and Tony Robbins. 



One of the first thing event planners look for when booking speakers is a speaker demo reel. Some of the things you want to make sure you showcase include an active audience, quality content, testimonials, and audience interaction. Having a professionally created speaker reel video can immediately separate you from other prospective speakers. 



If you are looking for a way to generate a following, creating a vlog is a great idea. Vlogging allows you to give people a behind the scenes look at what you do allowing you to show the personal, real-life version of yourself that people often better relate to. Your vlog can live on your website, so every time you have a new vlog post, you can share it on social media and drive traffic to your website. 


Social media has a short attention span, so creating short segments of video content is a great way to keep your audience's attention. Including things like subtitles and calls to action allow people to be able to understand your video without having to actually listen to it if they are in loud space or somewhere requiring silence. These videos can also be tailored for each social media platform, like creating a shorter version of your video for Instagram because it only allows 1 minute video posts. 


If you have paid subscribers or are looking to monetize your content, creating an instructional or educational video is a great place to start. This could be during an actual workshop or class that you are teaching, or can be staged. If you are incorporating PowerPoint or using a program on your computer during your presentation, we can record your screen, so that people can follow along with your voice and your visual instruction.